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About Us.

When we started our own businesses, we knew that being found, looking great and sounding right was make or break. In short, it couldn't be crap. But we didn't have the luxury of loads of time or loads of cash. 

it couldn't

 be crap

We have built and launched buisnesses ourselves using our varied experience in marketing, advertising, design, and sales in organisations from national institutions through to start-ups.

People who were experts in their field, but not in building brands asked us to help them too.

They needed to work with people they could trust to do a great job without all the confusion that surrounds the world of marketing.

We set up The Brand Launchers to ensure that anyone serious about their business idea has access to exceptional support.

Tim Stoller.

CoFounder/ Strategy Lead/ Music Lover

By Chris Gomez

When I met Tim his razor-sharp wit struck me first, and when I found out he was an aspiring international sportsman (veterans', of course), it put his singular determination and enthusiasm into context. After working together on the launch of a company I was starting, it was clear that we had great chemistry.


Having successfully helped build numerous brands for other people, Tim decided to build his own: Rightfounder, which helps cofounders build better relationships.


He has worked at brand stalwarts (the BBC and Hovis), young upstarts (Innocent Drinks) and skin-in-the-game startups (The Happiness Index), among others, Tim’s experience and expertise in brand building, strategic thinking and the science of marketing is hard to argue with.

Tim Stoller The Brand Launchers
Chris Gomez The Brand Launchers

Chris Gomez.

CoFounder/ Creative Lead/ Sports Fan

By Tim Stoller

"I need to introduce you to Chris. He's building a brand that you will love and I think you two will get along" said a friend of mine some years ago. He was right. Chris' penchant for hardcore martial arts was hidden behind a friendly demeanor, and a surprisingly scar free appearance. He was a ball of well-intentioned creative energy and I thought, this is a person I'd like to work with. 


Chris has a wealth of experience in design and marketing from JC Decaux, Metro Newspapers, Eurosport and media agency, OMD. He also has a great track record of building fabulous-looking brands. 

Chris blends the spirit of an entrepreneur with the track record and mind of a creative director.

Our Experience.

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