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Build a better plan for your business. Fast!

A simple and enjoyable process to create a robust, concise, practical, and actionable plan. Designed for people launching their businesses, we take away the stress, anxiety and confusion, giving you a brilliant plan to guide your growth.

Business plan

Why do you need a business plan?

Most businesses fail because they run out of money or fail to build a customer base for their product or service.

Mistakes happen when you don't have a business plan or the right plan to guide you. Spending a little effort upfront helps avoid costly errors, saves time and money, and could be the difference between your business succeeding or failing. 

We have written business plans for global multi-million-pound operations, new businesses, and everything in between, so know what works. We combine the best practices with our own experiences in start-ups and scale-ups to help you craft your plan.



Work out how you create and deliver value for your customers and how to turn that into a successful business. 


Understand your current situation, work out how to take advantage of the opportunities and mitigate your risks.


Turn your vision into reality by committing to the right objectives and measures, then work out the plan to make it happen.



Putting a business plan together yourself can be fraught with confusion and anxiety. It often means it is not done well or never gets done at all. Our process makes it simple and effective:

  1. You answer a set of questions that will take about an hour.

  2. Send them to us, and we go through them in detail.

  3. We have a 60-minute meeting with you to discuss, question and clarify your answers.

  4. We do the rest. In 3 working days, we present back to you your business plan.

  5. You now have the structure and actions to achieve your goals. You will be proud to display it and refer to it daily.

The Process Illustration

Drop us a line, and we will get the process started straight away. 


Image by Sandra Seitamaa


Founder, Creative Scavenger

"I didn't fully understand what a business plan was or its benefits. The process was amazing, and now I've got a brilliant plan that means I am clear on my next steps"



Co-Founder, Gallivant 

"The Brand Launchers' input into Gallivant has been instrumental in building a purpose-led business backed up by a rock-solid plan."



Owner, Miller's Way Project

"We had no idea where to start. Tim led us through a comprehensive process that got us thinking deeply about our customers and how to attract them."

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